This week we're wrapping up a month all about window treatments.  We hope all of you have learned a thing or two about picking the right window treatment for your home!  If you missed any of our posts, check out Design 101. Before we move on to next month's subject (LIGHTING!), we wanted to share a few tools of the trade for keeping your drapery or roman shade window treatments in tip-top shape:

Dusty Window Curtains

Dusty Window Curtains

Sun Protection & Damage Prevention

Sun, dust, and general grime can cause a lot of damage to fabric.  For this reason, as a general rule, we always recommend lining your fabric window treatments.

Daily Care of Fabric Window Treatments

You can give roman shades and drapery panels a gentle shake to prevent dust and dirt from lodging in the fibers.  Every once in a while, clean your window treatments with a handheld vacuum or with a soft brush vacuum attachment.  Put your vacuum on a low setting, if you're able.

Daily Care of Shades and Blinds

For a light dusting, we recommend using a lambswool duster over a plastic one.  Blinds and Roller Shades can also be vacuumed with a soft brush attachment.  For blinds, you will want to vacuum or dust across the slats instead of up and down.    If you're shades or blinds are dustier than you anticipated, try wiping them down with a rubber sponge (also called a dry sponge).  For stubborn stains, you can use a mild soapy cleanser or an all-purposed cleaner on roller shades and blinds.

Washing Fabric Window Treatments

We don't normally recommend washing your window treatments, unless they are labeled washable.  If they are labeled washable, try hand-washing them, using a mild detergent, to ensure details such as trims and buttons stay in place.  To remove wrinkles, you can iron fabric on the opposite side.  If any of the details listed below apply to your window treatments, we strongly recommend you ask a professional cleaner to handle the job.  We like to have drapery and roman shades cleaned once a year to keep them looking their best - it's amazing how much dust can settle into the fabric!

  • The fabric or lining fabric isn't washable
  • The fabric and lining are made from different fabrics (one could shrink, resulting in puckering or sagging)
  • If sunlight has damaged the strength of the fabric
  • If you have pleats, which may not hold up to washing
  • If you have trims, tassels, buttons, or other details that may not be washable or colorfast

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