In December, Design 101 was all about sofas.  We asked our readers to submit a sofa dilemma they had at home so that we could come up with a solution.  Thanks to all of you who submitted your projects and ideas, we loved hearing from you!  Below is the followup on the project we selected. "AT" has been searching high and low for a sofa that will work for both her and her husband.  Their problem?  She's 5'-5", he's over 6'-0" tall!  Every sofa that they have found is either too deep for her, so she felt like it will swallow her, or too narrow for him, so it wasn't comfortable for lounging in front of the TV.

We sketched out their family room and came up with two ideas:



Option 1: Sofas at Different Depths

"AT" found that a 30" deep sofa suited her best, while her husband preferred a depth of 38".  Why not have both?  Because they were considering custom sofas, they can choose the same style and fabric for both, but have them made at different depths.  The best thing about this solution? Now both of them have sofas that are a perfect fit.  Better yet, because the sofas are the same style and fabric, no one else can tell the difference in the size!  Your secret is safe with us.



Option Two: Layer Pillows

You can also decrease the depth of a sofa by layering throw pillows.  Stack a few behind you and the sofa instantly goes from too deep to just right.  Voila - a cheap and easy fix!

This month, Design 101 is all about furniture layouts.  Do you have a room that is impossible to furnish?  Or a room that needs to function as your office, dining room, and living room too?  Whatever your dilemma, let us know.  We might feature your project next month!  Send us an email at

Happy Sitting.