Updated Classic Colonial

With it's classic architectural bones, this colonial family home provided no shortage of character.  Our client wanted to stay true to the traditional details, but freshen up the space with a more contemporary design.  Lighting was an issue too.  We needed more light sources to provide ambient and task lighting when they needed it, in addition to a smart solution to block early morning rays.

We added a fresh coat of paint, sumptuous linens, and softer fabrics to give the bedroom a cozy, but brighter feel.  Our lighting issues? Solved with the addition of table lamps, sconces, and overhead fixtures.  We paired lined fabric shades with blackout drapery to create the perfect combination of light filtering and privacy.  The bathroom got an updated too, with custom millwork to meet his and her needs. The result was contemporary and fresh, while classic and tailored to age gracefully with the house for years to come.